We will welcome the new faces of the ladies they would like to make quick!
High club attendance and quick earnings, free accommodation on your own fully-equipped room with bathroom and toilet, free Wi-Fi, full kitchen, friendly team and safety. We will secure our way or pay for it.
Need fast money? So what are you waiting for! Tel .: 721 463 713 you can even go through WhatsApp, facebook
Ivo (business manager)

Type of business: Job offers, Night club
Address: 28 October 4, 692 01 Mikulov
Call: Non-Stop
Right now: Right now you can call
Program: Massage, Asylum, Club
Facilities: Bar, Rooms, Whirlpool, Showers, Kitchen, Washing machine, Free Wi-Fi, TV / Sat, air conditioning, guarded parking

Surname Cabaret Mikulov
Type of advertising offer
Kategori Companies and services - Night club
City Czech Republic
Region Brno
Telefon +420721463713

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