Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions of red4you.com

The server is the website www.red-4you.com.

The User 'Visitor' of the Server (hereinafter referred to as 'Visitor') is a person over the age of 18 who voluntarily agrees to start using the Server services. The visitor searches for and displays the information stored on the Server using a personal computer, tablet, and mobile phone.
The 'Advertiser' using the Server Services ('Advertiser') is a private person over 18 years of age or a business (agency, club, etc.) represented by a physical or legal person who voluntarily agrees to start using the Server services. An advertiser inserts text and image information on the Server in order to promote its person and its services or to promote third parties and businesses or their services if they are authorized by this third party to third parties. The advertiser using the paid services of the Server lists the billing information in the Profile (see below).

Registration is carried out by the Advertiser, it is understood to include the information related to the advertiser's presentation and also to insert the data necessary for invoicing the paid services of the Server to the Advertiser. Registration creates a contractual relationship between the Operator and the Advertiser for an indefinite period of time. The information provided by the Advertiser during registration is subject to the laws of the Czech Republic.
By registering a User on the Server, a User Profile (hereinafter referred to as 'Profile') is created. Using the features in the Profile, the user can start advertising and manage the information about their person / company on the Server.
The server represents an online (= internet) platform to ensure publicity of advertisers and advertisers' presentations in order to mediate the supply / demand relationship between Visitors and Advertisers, especially in the field of people acquaintance.
Server services allow you to view, print, delete, and otherwise work with text and image information posted on the Server. The server is used by Visitors and Advertisers. These General Terms and Conditions of the Server govern the legal relationships between the Operator and the Server User and between the Users (Visitors and Advertisers).
Rights and Obligations of Users
The Server user agrees to the following rules.
The user is aware of entering a site containing sexually explicit and erotic material.
The User is aware that neither the Server nor the Operator is an agency or enterprise providing any escort, erotic, or other services on the Advertised Server.
All content of the Server is created by persons authorized by companies, organizations or private individuals.
The operator is not responsible for the content, price, quality or actual availability of advertised services.
The operator is not responsible for the content and truthfulness of the information published by individual advertisers, even if the Operator has been notified in advance of any such error in this information.
The user will always act in such a way that the person does not gain access to the content of the Server. Any image, text materials and contacts database on the Server are protected by copyright law. Any dissemination of the content or its parts or the mass collection of content from the Server without the prior written consent of the Operator is expressly prohibited.
The visitor undertakes to observe the following rules for using the Server services:
The visitor is a person over 18 years of age.
The Advertiser will provide when registering on the Server information that serves in particular to identify the Advertiser, the Advertiser's contact with the Operator, and the Advertiser's contact with the Server Visitors.

Payment Terms
Unless otherwise stated on the web interface, ads are posted free of charge.
Terms of service
The ad will be posted as soon as possible after filling out the web form. The administrator must approve the ad.